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It all started when…

Katherine & Frank Pugliese actually met here on the island of St.Croix while working together at another Italian restaurant, an olde but a goodie the original Tutto Bene on Company Street in Christiansted. After falling in love; Katherine and Frank opened their first restaurant on St.Croix - Bacchus, followed by Eat at Cane Bay. It has always been Frank’s lifelong dream to have an Italian restaurant of his own. They have spent the last 25 years being inspired by their numerous trips to Italy. Italian’s focus on quality, locally sourced ingredients, Italian’s are“farm to table” as a way of life.

With years of inspiration, quality partnerships with local purveyors and a passion to fulfill this dream UnAmore opened its doors in 2016.

Katherine and Frank have both been entrepreneurs of their fields, participating in food and wine events throughout the world; with Katherine co-founding A Taste of St.Croix.

Come enjoy all the love this family friendly restaurant has to offer you! With amazing ingredients prepared with perfection.